Monday, 4 January 2010

A Time To Blog

I've been blogging for about three years. I started it because I was struggling so much with finding a balance between raising young children full-time and writing, and I needed to get some of that frustration and confusion out. Some of my posts have been about my children, some about writing, some about trying to make the two harmonious. I've blogged about Tupperware, fancy dress parties, emigrating, Ugg boots...maybe too much on the Ugg boots. I got a publishing deal - nothing to do with this blog - and the book came out in November 2009. Being published continues to make me feel excited, proud, terrified, and slightly mad - the mad bit is about trying not to compare success, plot, title, cover, awards, reviews, sales figures, etc, with any other author. In this information-overloaded age, this is a hard thing to do, I find. But that's a different matter - I've just been meaning to say it here and didn't get around to it. I also had in mind a post about how writing a novel is similar to potty-training a child...but perhaps that one is best left unsaid.

My point is that I need a break from blogging. It's not serving any purpose at the moment, other than to make me feel guilty for not feeding it. I'm nearing the end of a first draft - and the first draft of a second novel is, as they always say, pretty scary. The second draft beckons with cohesion and theme and hook, but I need every ounce of strength to get there. Christmas nearly finished me - now I want the New Year to begin with the most important things being attended to.

Thanks for reading.

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