Thursday, 14 August 2008

Fly Me To The Moon

Partly because I'm scared to tell you this for fear of jinxing it, I'm backing into some news slowly and gently... Prepare for lift-off:

I lay awake, thinking: "Oh god, oh god, oh god, what have I got myself into?"

The Australian dashed out to buy champagne and when he returned we stood opposite each other glugging it at great speed while I broke the World Record for talking very fast with a mouthful of inappropriately spicy crisps (with Moet! I'm all class...)

I got up, paced around and walked over to the sink whereupon I seized the washing-up brush and scrubbed frantically anything within reach, humming a deranged tune and waiting for hell to freeze over / a month of Sundays / flying pigs.

I giggled briefly and my vision blurred and the words I was looking at did not make sense so I read them again, and again, and again...

My agent sent me an email and the subject header was: OFFER.


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Adrian said...

Well Done Em! Brilliant news. Hopefully the first of many.

Poppy said...

Brillinat, brilliant, brilliant!!!!!

Well done !!!!!!!!

(& spicy crisps and Moet sounds yum)

Sasch said...


Beyond happy for you!

Next stage bound to be nerve wracking but also incredibly rewarding and exciting!

Well done honey - fantastic news.

Lucy Diamond said...

Whoopeeee! Congrats! Ahhh... I bet that champagne tasted fabulous!
Well done. Brilliant news!

Sarah said...

Woo hoo!!!

Congratulations, Emily!! Yay!!

So happy for you.

Mum'sTheWord said...

Thank you :) I have kept the empty Moet bottle and it's going to be a candlestick - I need a constant reminder of what's happened because I still cannot believe it.

The Mock Duckling said...

This is totally brilliant. Really really pleased.


Geraldine said...

Well done, Emily! First of many as has already been said!

Nik's Blog said...


Nik X

Trilby said...

What a great subject heading! Many congrats, Emily :)

Frances said...

Emily, that's so wonderful! Many, many congratulations!


Sam said...

Fantastic news! And great post, too.

ireneintheworld said...

fantastic emily. well done. sooooooooooo happy for you. x

Mum'sTheWord said...

Awww, you guys...thanks! Still can't believe it. Being stubborn as a mule finally paid off :)

Googe said...

Well done Emily!! Best news ever!!!!

Mum'sTheWord said...

Thank you, Googe. x