Wednesday, 25 March 2009

A Few Of My Favourite Things

Thank you extremely muchly for this award, BookChildWorld. It has given me a warm glow during a week in which I got stuck in a dress (see post below), locked myself out of the house and was told that I "don't look like a normal mum" by a 6 year old (yes, the jibes about my inappropriate fashion sense and general inability to behave like a grown-up in public continue).

I am happy to pass on the award to the following sisters, who keep me informed, stimulated and amused:

Keris Stainton
Caroline Smailes
Simmone Howell
Irene In The World
Caroline Rance
Lucy Diamond
Kenkey and Fish
The Road to Hell (token bloke-sister)

Go forth and spread the sisterhoodiness.

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Caroline said...

Yay! I'm feeling rather loved up and proud to be in such a fine sisterhoodiness.


Anonymous said...

Great list! I'm bookmarking a couple right now.

Ross said...

Thank you my dear. I've never been a bloke-sister before. Do I have to wear travelling pants?

Emily Gale said...

Your normal pants and a bit of lip-gloss will do, Ross.

I should have written nice descriptions against each name but I'm fighting for spare moments just now. But click the links, people, click! You will not be disappointed.

simmone said...

thanks for the sisterly love!!

Anonymous said...

you're welcome :)