Tuesday, 11 August 2009

For Geri

I was a Parent On Duty at the Girl's kinder/nursery (take your pick) last week. This usually involves twenty-six children climbing on me while the teachers look on with a 'you're more trouble that you're worth' look - I just don't seem to have any authority. Children see me as a climbing frame / clown / object of derision.

Now that the Ugg boots are a little too disgusting to wear outside, I have switched to a pair of desert boots I've had since the mid-90s. They were supposed to be for hiking...so they look practically brand new and I thought, why not? Since then three children have asked me WHY ON EARTH I'm wearing boots that their builder-dads wear. They have not been impressed, on the whole. So picky! It's not as if I'm wearing a red nose.

There happened to be a fire drill while I was on duty. I had to channel every ounce of my Responsible Adult energy in the space of thirty seconds. All I hoped was that I'd do a better job than Mr G...

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Anonymous said...

Loved this one! Mr G is a favourite. So are desert boots. (Apparently it used to be a way of checking if someone was secretly an SAS officer, because it was their favourite footwear. Tell THAT to the kids at nursery ...)

Emily Gale said...

Sophia, I am so using that one. Cheers.


Geraldine Ryan said...

I'm so touched, Emily that you have dedicated this post to Moi! Really enjoyed watching it again. When is he going to do something new? Desperately missing a god laugh!