Saturday, 19 September 2009

Choose Writing. Choose Life.

Go to Help! I Need A Publisher! and read a better version of what I've been trying to say recently, by Nicola Morgan.

I don't know about you, but I need to examine my work- (or lack of work-) habits and make resolutions several times a year...okay, several times a week...just to get the books written. That's not a sign that my passion for writing is deficient but just an indication that like so many I have numerous commitments, and I have to keep giving myself permission to make writing a priority - for an hour or two, as often as I can. Those commitments include some things I *think* I should be doing but which probably don't matter very much in the scheme of things (see Nicola Morgan's vacuuming behind the fridge example). But they also include things that must come before writing - give yourself permission to write but remember to give yourself proper, guilt-free permission to not write. Tonight I will be doing just that - watching a film with the man who has put up with my shit for exactly seven years today. Not writing a single word.

Happy Anniversary to The Australian.

And happy writing - or happy not writing - to all of you.

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Luisa Plaja said...

Brilliant post. And happy anniversary!

RKCharron said...

Hi :)
Happy 7th Anniversary!
Life fuels writing.
All the best,

CarolineG said...

A very happy anniversary to you, Emily and Australian :)

Geraldine Ryan said...

Happy 7th, Emily!

Sasch said...

Can not believe it's been 7 years since you "gave in" as The Australian would say. Love to you both xxx

Emily Gale said...

Thank you very much, Luisa, RK, Caroline, Geri and Sasch. Part of my anniversary present to him was that he got to choose the film...hence I sat scared rigid for two hours while we watched the creepy but nevertheless quite weak and crappy "Passengers". Now if that's not love...

Bege said...

Fab post Emily! Happy Belated anniversary x

Fionnuala Kearney said...

Happy anniversary for last week. Hope you had a lovely day forgetting the creepy film. That IS love! Fx