Saturday, 15 December 2007

Best Of . . . Both Worlds

Tree up, festive spirit guaranteed to be in full flow on this most rare of nights (I'm going out! Without the children!), and although I didn't quite achieve my writing goals for the year, some crazy beautiful stuff has happened and I feel a list coming on . . . and so to my Best Of . . . categories for 2007.

Best Writing Moment:
Being invited to write a picture book with no brief other than ‘farmyard’. Freedom! (See sneak preview above.)

Best Reason To Give It All Up:
Geri Halliwell

Best One-Liner, Guaranteed To Cheer Self When Writing Career Goes Tits-Up:
Curb Your Enthusiasm, Season 5: “Those big vagina ladies get away with murder.”

Best One-Liner By A Blood Relative:
(To a young boy in Homebase, who was wearing a kipa)
“Oh dear, little boy, your hat is too small!”
(The Girl, aged 3 - we have now explained the whole deal with head coverings in various cultures)

Best Awww Moment, Guaranteed To Get Things Into Perspective:
Watching The Boy pucker up and crawl over to give The Girl a sloppy kiss.

Best Blog:
The Road To Hell

Best 5 Novel(s):
The Kite Runner* / Khaled Hosseini
Prince Rupert’s Teardrop / Lisa Glass
Mothernight / Sarah Stovell
A Gentle Axe / R.N. Morris
Queen Mum / Kate Long

*yes, I know I was a bit late to the party on this one

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writer girl said...

Hey, I like Kite Runner too. It's a film now. I am late on reading the others - shameful I know. Remotely sharing in your best writing moment. WG

The Mock Duckling said...

love the look of that book cover - tell us more about it please!

Mum'sTheWord said...

WG - I've heard the one after Kite Runner is just as amazing . . . can't wait.

Mock Duckling - that's a sample spread . . . coming to a M&S near you soon :) More anon!

Ross said...

"I can't deny the fact that you like me, right now, you like me!"

Thanx for the award. I must admit however, that the only reason I started "The Road To Hell" was because you started a blog first.

Congrats on the picture book too! When can we order it on Amazon?

Mum'sTheWord said...

I know it's being sold in the States as well as M&S in the UK - not sure about Oz; I'll let you know.