Sunday, 30 March 2008

Out of Order

I've got bloggers-block.

Ignoring it doesn't seem to make it go away, so I've decided to take practical action and Google "How to clear a blockage". Here's the advice:

1. Pour a bucket of warm water into the pan - from a height would be best. This often clears minor blockages.

Right, here goes with a warm gush . . . The "first date" was wonderful, despite the fact that The Zit had babies overnight and I looked like a half-and-half pizza. She told me my book was great, and that she also liked my bag. I blushed. We've decided to go steady. 

Damn, still blocked.

2. Place a large plunger over the outlet and pump vigorously.

There is less than a month to go before we emi- . . . emi- . . . go on a particularly long holiday to Australia taking with us all our worldly goods. As a good friend commented today when she popped in to see us: "Oh, I thought you'd be a bit more packed than this." We have done ten boxes, seven of which contain books. The Australian is very tickled by the fact that I've insisted on logging every single title, as apparently I'm very slapdash in all other areas of my life. He might also be amused to discover than since we decided to have a big clear-out of my books pre-packing, to lighten our shipping load, I have somehow acquired fifteen new books . . . It's like they seek me out; they need me. Surely this is acceptable, as in other respects I am very thrifty. For example I buy shoes for £6. God, I can't wait to live not-next-to a Primark.

Meanwhile, the final piece of our visa puzzle arrived last week - my police check. I'd managed to work myself into a small but fairly violent frenzy, worrying that I had committed some crimes of which I was not aware, which would show up on this report. But I haven't. I'm clean. The pigs ain't got nothing on me.

Still not shifting. Hmm . . . 
3. Use a toilet auger.

I had to look that up (see photo). Unfortunately I don't think I have one. Or maybe I've already packed it. Just give me a minute and I'll open up all these boxes . . . 

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Mary Witzl said...

Congratulations on getting an agent! I don't even know you and I'm happy for you!

Although I've engaged in a little flirting near the lockers and once was almost asked to the prom, I am still not going steady. I have hopes for one individual, and though I worry that I'm being toyed with (I'm the credulous sort), who knows? This may actually pan out!

Don't worry about the zits: At least you're young enough to still have them! And speaking as someone who has weathered a dozen international moves, my advice is to get rid of everything you really don't think you'll need -- and don't worry about inventories, but DO label all boxes on ALL sides.

Mum'sTheWord said...

Thank you very much, Mary, for the congrats and the advice. Hope the flirting pays off for you.