Monday, 3 March 2008

Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With String...

With only eight weeks to go until we, y'know, do that getting on the plane thing, I decided it was high-time I gave a little mention to what I truly love about Australia. For all my moaning (and let's face it, it's what I do most, if not best) there's a part of me that longs for the adventure of emigration. Actually, I wanted to move to Melbourne in my mid-20s, after my first trip there, but for one reason or another it never got off the ground (one reason was Love, another reason was my deeply ingrained inability to organise), which means that my love affair with the country is almost a *ahem* decade old.

So here are, for the benefit of all those who are bored of my moaning, which includes me, 
A Few Of My Favourite (Australian) Things*

A genius mockumentary based in an Australian high school, in which the three main parts - a stuck-up girl doing an exchange from a private school, a delinquent 13-year-old from Tonga, and a flamboyant drama teacher - are played by the same man.

I love this band. Even went to see them on my own. A gig, on my own! What a geek. Best album is Eternal Nightcap.

Easily in my top 5 Favourite Authors Ever list, were I ever to write one.

Three is enough for now: I don't want to run out too soon.

On another note, but still on the Brown Paper Packages theme, my rewrite is just about wrapped up and ready for the final verdict. Happily, this means I can get on with reading the wonderful Split By A Kiss by Luisa Plaja, which is out this week. I s'pose I could also do some packing.

*Normal service will no doubt resume shortly

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Anonymous said...

I *love* the sound of Summer Heights High.

I can think of another one for your list, but I'm sure you'll include this YA author next time round. ;)

And thank you very much for mentioning me. I'm touched and very happy.