Saturday, 31 January 2009

How To Be The Entourage

1. Pump up air mattress by hand so as to ensure a good night's sleep for competitor.

2. Other members of the entourage may help with this task. This will not necessarily speed things up.

3. Traveling light is not an option. Towels, shoes, hats, clothing, pre- and post-race snacks, and cuddly toys belonging to junior members of entourage must be carried, and even pushed across vast areas of sand. A nap may be necessary for certain members of the entourage.

4. Spotting your competitor at the finish line is hard work. Looking in the right direction may help.

5. Children should be plied with sweets, promises of sweets, or threatened with never having sweets ever again if they do not pipe down while you're trying to take a photo of the finish. Loud cheering is appropriate at this point, especially when the hottie in blue shorts passes by. (500m swim plus 2km run in 16mins 30 secs! See what a good entourage can achieve...)

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Nik's Blog said...

Well done him and the entourage. I think I'd still be paddling at 16 minutes!

CarolineG said...

Well done, Australian!!! And well done you for the equally-challenging entourage duties...

Emma K-F said...

Many congrats, entourage & Australian! Great photos, Emily, but the captions were even better! ;) :)

Emily Gale said...

On behalf of The Champ, thank you :)