Friday, 8 May 2009

Look Into My Eyes . . . The Eyes, The Eyes . . . You Are Feeling Very Sleepy . . .

When I click my fingers, you will have no recollection of the nice pink banner that used to sit on the right.

I never went to London. There was no party. The Girl You Think I Am? You've never heard of it.

I didn't put the nice book cover in the freezer amongst the calamari and the Calippos.

July publication? No no, you have no memory of that.

You will forget it all, and start a series of silly walks whenever you hear the word 'chicken'.

And 3, 2, 1,


Great news, gang! I've got a YA novel coming out with Chicken House in January 2010! Title and sparkly new cover to be revealed soon.

What's the matter? Why are you all walking like that?

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Fionnuala Kearney said...

You do make me giggle....When will we see the new cover? Fx

Emily Gale said...

Thanks, Fionnuala :) New cover probably June/July.

simmone said...

congratulations! chicken house rule!

Emily Gale said...

Thanks, Simmone! Yes, I love their list - get serious author envy looking through the catalogue.