Thursday, 14 May 2009

Pieces of 8

I've been tagged by chick-lit author Claire Allan over at Diary of a Mad Mammy, so here goes:

8 Things I Like:
- I like that feeling I get when I've read the first page of a new book and I know, I just know, that I'm going to love it (recently: A Kind Of Intimacy, Jenn Ashworth). I usually pause at that point and take the time for an excited sort of sigh. I nudge The Australian and tell him. He grunts.
- I like creeping into my children's bedroom at night, tucking them in again and remembering that not so long ago I was lucky to get two consecutive hours of sleep during the night. That is never going to get old.
- I like cheddar that takes the roof of your mouth off.
- I like getting ready for a night out.
- I like imagining conversations that will probably never take place.
- I like not being the last person in the house to fall asleep.
- I like baba ghanoush.
- I like cutting my children's toenails.

8 Things I Did Yesterday
- Took Bush Flower Essences
- Swore
- Watched Desperate Housewives
- Contemplated chucking the WIP and starting something new
- Decided not to
- Cooked fish
- Avoided wheat
- Agreed to go to a party I don't want to go to

8 Things I Wish I Could Do
- Drive
- Ski
- Think rationally at stressful times
- Backflips
- Fly
- Come across as warm and friendly
- Write the best book in the world
- um...that just leaves World Peace

8 Things I Don't Like
- The suburbs
- Porridge (the breakfast not the tv show)
- Small talk
- Forgetting the one thing I went to the supermarket for
- Waiting
- try-hard Alpha Males, in baseball caps
- Pigeons
- Advert breaks

And now I tag: anyone who should be doing something else but wants to avoid it.

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Anonymous said...

Totally agree about the porridge! It's disgusting! And I won't hear otherwise, despite all the people trying to convince me it's good for you, filling, warming on cold mornings blah blah...

And yes to mature cheddar! Ah, tis nothing better...

Emily Gale said...

But have you tried Bircher Muesli? I love that, though it does appear to be some sort of freezing cold porridge with added fruity bits.

Geraldine Ryan said...

I love porridge. But porridge season is closed now till September in this house! It's Jordan's Muesli with added brazils and almonds. Yummy!