Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Ear Whacks

(Look away now if you hate it when parents tell you about the Really Funny Things their children say . . . )

The Girl: Mummy, I have a whack in my ear.
Me: A what?
The Girl: A whack.
Me: (checking her frantically for signs of a beating) Did someone hit you? 
The Girl: (looking at me as if I'm crazy) NO! A WHACK!
Me: Ohhh, you mean wax.
The Girl: Yes but there's only one. One whack, see? (produces one tiny yellow ball of wax)

One whack, many wax.

Tomorrow: how the concept of Opposites has started to dominate our lives . . . 

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Leena said...

I'm with the Girl on this. Surely it's only logical??

(PS: Is one allowed to link here? Thought I'd make sure...)

Mum'sTheWord said...

Link away, Leena!

Keris said...

Reminds me of my nephew asking for "a Weetabic". :)