Monday, 30 July 2007

Mummy, Interrupted

The Girl reached another milestone yesterday: she woke up calling me 'Mum' and continued all day. It makes her sound about fifteen. This may not seem like a big deal - it's not as if she's got to the stage of calling me 'You-bitch-I-hate-you-I-hate-you-I-didn't-ask-to-be-born-anyway', but I'm used to the cuter Mama or Mummy and it seems so sudden. After the twentieth-or-so 'Mum' I politely enquired about the change, and she said: "Mummy starts with Mum" and gave me that same "Don't you know anything?" look.

Meanwhile, her obsession with how old people are and what they're allowed to do in relation to her continues to interrupt the reading of stories, singing of nursery rhymes, and . . . well everything.

Me: Polly put the kettle on, Polly put the-
Her: How old is Polly?
Me: Umm, not sure, why?
Her: She's using the kettle. She must be bigger than me.
Me: Yes, she is. [continues singing] Polly put the-
Her: How old then?
Me: Umm, thirteen.
Her: No she's not. [Gets book illustrating the rhyme] Look, she's young. She looks about three and a half.
Me: Well she can't be, or she wouldn't be using the kettle and drinking tea.
Her: It's peppermint tea, so it's okay.
Me: Right. Do you want me to sing the rest of the song?
Her: No thanks. I'm doing a puzzle now.

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The Mock Duckling said...

LOL Myrts. Your daughter sounds a character.

Being the youngest in our family I am still obsessed with what everyone else is allowed to do in relation to me...but it works both ways when my niece was born and I started thinking she is certainly not old enough to be getting so much attention - certainly shouldn't be allowed more than me.

Mum'sTheWord said...

I'm just taking advantage of the fact that she has no concept of weeks/months/years at the moment, so when I say "You can have earrings when you're 14", her eyes light up as if I'd said "Next week".

Anonymous said...

Might seem mundane to some, but stuff like this really proves why blogging is great! So funny! Bless your daughter, she sounds like a right smartie. And loving the reference to peppermint tea!

Keep up the good work (I also loved the crap mop one!)

Lots of love
Duckling x