Friday, 27 July 2007

Hope, Thy Name Is Primo

Last night I heard the wonderful news that my friends' shy, endearing and not-very-streetwise cat, Primo, has been found after being missing for seven weeks.

In all that time, although it seemed hopeless to the rest of us hardened cynics, my friends never gave up. The amount of missing cat posters they stuck around the neighbourhood probably borders on illegal. They had hoax calls, and genuine calls, and identified cats (some quite rigid) that were not theirs, and still they went out of an evening with Primo's milk dish, bashing it in the hope that he'd come out from wherever he was hiding . . . and last night, from underneath a car, crept a much thinner but instantly recognisable Primo. SEVEN WEEKS!

I'd like to say congratulations to my friends. And then I'd like us all to say a small, final prayer for something of mine that has been missing for almost as long: my shy, endearing and not-very-streetwise novel has been held hostage by some literary agents. I've done everything I can: checked my email every thirty seconds, kept the phones close by, pounced on the poor postman and tipped his bag upside down looking for a sign, just one bloody sign of where my long-lost novel might be.

Come home, Novel - but bring a contract with you, okay?

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LG said...

Yay!! Go Primo!! Gorgeous kitten. Never give up hope, eh.

Your poor friends, losing a pet is awful. I lost my mum's cat over Christmas and was out looking for it for hours every day. It's a terrible feeling, that constant searching. Bring on sat nav locator collars, I say.

Mum'sTheWord said...

Yep, I think Primo will be sporting sat nav fashion very soon.

LG said...

Now, we just need a sat nav for our novels, so we can see which desk they're on and when they're winging their way back to us.

And it would be brilliant if the sat navs had a spy cam so we could see the agent's face while they were reading it. Now that would be something. I can only imagine the grimacing as they read my submission.

Sending up a prayer for you, Miss Compossible.

Leena said...

Huge congratulations to Primo and his 'parents'. They must have been worried sick!

And commiserations to you, Emily. I'm in the same position myself and I'm beginning to feel really, really impatient by now. Those sat nav devices would be a sure hit ;-)

Mum'sTheWord said...

It's the pits, Leena - I swing wildly between utter resignation and teeth-grinding frustration tinged with hope. Damn hope!