Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Beautiful Collision

I was checking out my blog-stats on Google Analytics. The pie charts and percentages have trouble penetrating my thick skull but it amuses me for three or four seconds at a time to see how many people have accidentally stumbled upon my little blog while searching for something a whole lot more sustaining. It tickled me to learn that the top stumble is caused by people Googling my very talented writer friend (writer, friend, and writer-friend), Sarah Stovell, whose novel Mothernight I am itching to read (March 2008, Snowbooks), OR people trying to find out where they can buy Viakal.

The literary and the domestic collide once more.

(I still don't know what the Viakal is for, but the lovely Polish cleaner has been away for three weeks and I'm beginning to suspect it might have something to do with making things shiny...)

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The Mockling said...

Well I always zoom straight here from Leena's blog. I don't even come from my own because I find her navigation stuff so good - in fact I changed the format of mine recently to make the navigation stuff better. SOrry...I'm boring myself.

Just to say that there's no stumble from me. I know where I'm going.

Sarah said...

Ha ha. A moment of celebrity. Reckon your blog is much better than my book.

My next novel is a book of words I've had to type in so I can comment on your blog. The most recent being 'sbohly', which means, 'I feel broody whenever I read this blog. Except today, of course.'

Mum'sTheWord said...

Thanks, Mockling - I always go to Leena's from yours!

Sarah, there will be many more celeb moments to come; I'm just glad I captured one before you become a household name.

Like Viakal! Hehe. Sorry.