Tuesday, 14 August 2007

It's Still a Small World (After All) And Now There Are Weird Noises In It

The Girl has drawn me a picture of 'The Whole Wide World'. It consists of: our street (a.k.a. "England"), DisneyLand Paris, and the two bakeries down the road (one does good bagels, the other does good croissants).

In a rare quiet moment earlier (I think she was gouging out my lipsticks with her fingers under the kitchen table at the time) I heard some very strange noises coming from somewhere in our building. It sounds like:

(a) A very brief Gregorian Chant
(b) Faulty pipes
(c) An old man calling for help

But I am reluctant to think it might be (c), owing to a previous attempt to save the life of someone whose life did not need saving. For more on 'Rescuing' please see the Mock Duck.

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Leena said...

Right. I won't be able to sleep now, wondering if there's an old man lying on the floor with a broken hip, but everybody ignores him because they mistake his cries for faulty pipes.


Mum'sTheWord said...

Leena, I promise it's not the old man option! The only men in this building are (a) The Australian, who is sprawled out next to me, hips intact, (b) a weedy middle-aged specimen who makes Victor Meldrew look like Pollyanna (c) a rather attractive film producer, aged 50ish...actually, he does have a limp, maybe it's a dodgy hip!!

Nah, it's the monks or the pipes.

the mockling said...

I'm more worried about the monks...