Tuesday, 21 August 2007

You Know You're In The Middle Of A Big Rewrite When...

1. Your partner asks what's for dinner and you reply: "Err, there's a baguette somewhere, and some shortbread."
2. You use the shortbread to bribe your 3-year-old to sit down quietly for 10 minutes while you "just fix this paragraph".
3. The laundry basket is buried in a pile of clothes that won't fit inside it.
4. The children can now hum the entire theme tune to the Baby Einstein dvd.
5. You succumb to buying one of those herbal sleepy drinks for your wakeful baby. Now you want your money back.
6. Your blog is woefully neglected, so you redirect people to your Very Funny Friend's blog: ross-robinson.blogspot.com

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Claire said...

So very, very true.

Loving the blog Emily.

Keris said...

That all sounds like me and I'm not even revising anything! (I'm supposed to be, I'm just ... not.)

Mum'sTheWord said...

Thanks, Claire! Glad I'm not alone. Though I did start to panic earlier today when my daughter said "I'm itchy...I think it's all the dust." Cheeky blighter!

And Keris - you write about a squillion articles a day AND they are all really entertaining, so that's your excuse :)

Ross said...

I could always be bribed with shortbread. And custard...
Thanx for the recommendation - although lately it's been more curmudgeonly than funny. Must. Not. Become. Grumpy. Old. Man.