Monday, 4 February 2008

While You Were Rewriting...

I'm forcing myself into a brief blogging coma in order to get on with a sudden, urgent rewrite of another novel. Meanwhile, if you haven't already discovered Taking Life For Granted, I urge you to read it.

Before I go, a snippet of those endless questions I was telling you about last month:

The Girl: Mum, what's a fiddler?
Me: Someone who plays the violin.
The Girl: Oh. Am I a fiddler?
Me: Do you play the violin?
The Girl: No.
Me: In that case, no, you're not a fiddler.
The Girl: Okay. Just checking.

See you soon!

(And no, Ross, I was not tempted to call this post Kiddy Fiddler.)

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Ross said...

But you thought about it and that's the important thing. :-)

Sasch said...

Loving the Taking life for Granted blogs - reading all about his moving to America stuff. most amusing.

Although not as amusing as you obviously :-)

Nik's Blog said...

Well, there's nothing wrong with checking; a girl's got to be certain hasn't she? :)

Best of luck with the rewrites.


writer girl said...

Hey,can The Girl come round to play with The Child? Happy re-writing