Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Question Time

This morning I had another of those 'completely unqualified to bring up children' moments, which seem to be coming thick n' fast. The trouble is - warm-glowish as it feels to have a lively, inquisitive child - that The Girl asks an average of four questions per minute, and so every fifteen questions or so I get a bit sloppy and distracted and give her a rubbish answer. This would be fine if she ever, ever let things lie.

Today it was 'man-holes', with which she has become mildly obsessed. (Please note that my distracted responses were due to the fact that we were about to cross a very busy road.)

Her: Look, I'm standing on a men-hole.
Me: A man-hole. Yes you are.
Her: This men-hole is made of metal. Some are made of stone, kind of pavement-y.
Me: Yep, s'right.
Her: I'll never fall in a men-hole.
Me: Nope.
Her: Only mens fall in them.
Me: Yep. OK green man green man let's cross, quick!
(a few minutes later)
Her: Mum, why do mens have to fall into holes?
Me: Huh?
Her: Why do they fall into holes? Men-holes. What happens when they fall in? Here's another one! A stone one!
Me: Oh look we're at nursery, come on, let's hurry inside!

Maybe she'll ask the nursery folk about men-holes, I mean man-holes (actually, what's the PC term these days?) and I'll be off the hook. Meanwhile, the next burning questions she has left me to ponder:

Which is braver, a fox or a dragon?

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Sasch said...

A dragon - but then again they do have fire breathing skills so maybe its not natural bravery!

I'll leave the people-holes to you.

Nik's Blog said...

She's a bright 'un, isn't she!

I think it depends on the individual beasts. I'm sure there are some might cowardly dragons out there. I'll bet there's even one who's scared of its shadow. You should write that story I think.


Claire said...

A fox because it is smaller.
Bet Dale Winton would pale at my logic if I was on "In it to Win it"

The Mock Duckling said...

What is it with kids and manholes? My niece was more obsessed with the floor covering joins between rooms than any of the exhibits when she went to the museum. I suppose it must feel good to find such things fascinating. Can't be boring.

Dragons. They're more "out there". And get killed by bastard knights on horseback.

Mum'sTheWord said...

She's gone with dragons, and we now have an imaginary fire-breathing one in our living-room, though she seems to be taking it in her stride (my daughter, not the dragon).