Sunday, 18 October 2009

Nobody Does It Better

I've tried to embrace Australian Idol, really I have, but gawd-blimey-guvnor it's dull as ditchwater compared to the brilliant/awful/brilliantly awful British X-Factor. Thank you, YouTube (nasty won't let me watch the show from Oz). And I can only agree with Simon Cowell when he says, at the end, that it's a bit like watching The Exorcist for the first time: you know you shouldn't put yourself through it but do you want to watch it again? Of course you do.

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sam court said...

What in Cowell's name is that junk?

Why don't you stop rambling about how good British Idol is and write a book about it or whatever.

Cat Clarke said...

It was beyond hilarious. I bet they win it. Eurgh.

Emily Gale said...

Ah, Sam, it has been far too long since you and I had a barny about shit telly. I'm free Thursday.

Cat - I've been reading everyone's tweets about how bad they are but now I have seen it with mine own eyes...they are worse than that creepy brother-sister act from a couple of years ago.

Cat Clarke said...

At least the creepy brother and sister (and oh my word they WERE creepy) could hold a tune...

Although I did laugh when J and E first appeared on stage:
"I'm John"
"And I'm Edward."
In chorus: "And together we're... John and Edward!"

Sasch said...

Truly awful and yet still not as stupid as the Balloon Boy stunt in the US so the parents could try and wangle their own reality TV Show! Un-f**king-belivable.

Debs Riccio said...

What can I say that I haven't already blogged myself about this couple of thieves of someone else's chance? I'm glad the badness has reached Aussie shores!

Emily Gale said...

Cat, that is hilarious - when I'm procrastinating tomorrow (I'm a professional - I plan to procrastinate) I'll look up their first moment on telly.

Sasch, was that really what those folks were up to?? Well, it's original, gotta give them that.

Debs, awww, they're not thieves! They give us so much! Think of all the great entertainers in the past who were dodgy-of-voice and crappy-of-dance-move...Bananarama! Um...Madonna (ok she could move)...Bob Dylan! Hehe, am I the first person in the world to liken John and Edward to Bob Dylan?