Thursday, 15 October 2009

Two Things I Thought I'd Mention

1. Girl, Aloud will now be available from November... What's that you say? The November that's in just two weeks? Why, yes indeed, that's the November I mean.

2. Inspired by the talented and successful writers I know who claim they don't do any housework, I'm giving it up as an experiment for one week, starting on Monday. I will post before and after photos for your viewing pleasure. When I informed The Australian of my plans, he ran out of the room, yelling "No no no, I don't wanna hear it!" Which seemed to me to provide even more motivation than the thought of a possibly elevated word count. I've a feeling he's going to regret giving the children ALL of his old Lego in one go.

Fun times ahead.

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Sasch said...


Second - compliments from JACLYN MORIARTY?!?!??!! Wow!

Third - can Chicken House please tell Amazon that I want my pre-ordered copies sent out in Nov then, not bloody January!

Last but by no means least - no house work disguised merely as a desire to work harder. Genius.


Debs Riccio said...

Woo hoo, Emily - how exciting! (the book, not the abstinence from housework)
Can't wait to see how it all pans out (the housework I mean, not the book) Ah, you know what I mean.x

Ross said...

Huzzah! Will it be available in Australia? I just checked postage on Amazon and it's almost twice the price of the book! Who are they kidding? Sheesh...