Wednesday, 5 September 2007

You're Never Too Old...

A friend asked me what the highlights of my holiday were, and I felt obliged to think of something profound, cultured, or at least grown-up. When nothing came I admitted that the best bits were:

1. Leaping with gay abandon on a bouncy castle.
2. Swooshing down a water slide. Thrice.

And this week I've discovered another thing I'm not too old for:

3. Teething. Unless I'm such an Earth Mother that I'm having sympathy pains for The Boy, I do believe I have a wisdom tooth coming. I'd gnaw on a Bickipeg if I could shove it back far enough, and if they didn't smell of dog biscuits.

So now I'm wondering whether I might also be young enough for:

4. Those shoes that have wheels on the bottom.

And I'm also heartened to learn that the oldest first-time novelist was 101 when his book came out. George Dawson was born in 1898 in Texas, and didn't learn to read until he was 98. And he died a year after his book was published (by Random House) so he didn't even have to suffer from the dreaded second-book syndrome.

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writer girl said...

So I just have to hold on for the next xxxx years to beat that? Feeling young already!

Mum'sTheWord said...

Bags of time! Put your feet up :)

The Mockling said...

I want shoes with wheels on the bottom! I've been coveting those for ages.

Ross said...

Heelys!!! Me want too!!

Anonymous said...

Me too! Do you think they do them in grown-up sizes?