Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Confessions of an English Pastille Eater

I'm a tenth of the way into my rewrite (not huge strides, granted, but considering how long the box was at the top of the stairs, it's progress) and I have that warm glow of believing that what I've done so far has made the book better. (Today. It could all change tomorrow.)

But this hard work has not come without a price: I have a new addiction. 

Throughout history, people with exceptional abilities have used drugs and alcohol to ease the pain of their 'sensitivity' or to enhance their creative powers. Coleridge, Poe, Dostoevsky, Steinbeck, Faulkner, Hemingway, Parker (the list goes on and on) . . . all gifted and addicted. 

Me? I can't stop eating fruit pastilles. I have eaten six just writing this post. I can't help it - rewriting makes me nervy and when I'm nervy I eat, and I can't waste The Boy's precious nap time making myself something wholesome so instead I've been foraging in a party bag that The Girl got last weekend (NB. this was no ordinary party bag. It was in fact a Tesco plastic bag bulging with Skips, Jelly Tots, Buttons, Smarties and Fruit Pastilles. The parents may have misunderstood the 5-a-day campaign).

I know fruit pastilles aren't exactly opium. They're far from my first choice (gin and tonic if you're asking). But when you're writing in between looking after small children, fruit pastilles are about as rock n' roll as you can get. Still, you can get quite a sugar rush if you pop them in quick enough.

What's your writing addiction?

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Charlietheduck said...

Mine's chewing gum. Blue Extra. Chewing helps you concentrate, doncha know?

Also, I am currently averaging two boxes of chocolate-covered ginger biscuits from M&S per week. Without any help from the bunnies :(

Nik's Blog said...

It used to be tea but now I think it's bottled spring water. And at four o'clock a Douwe and Egberts home made skinny latte for a treat. If I've been good and done sufficient work.

Sad innit!


Emma K-F said...

That pastille picture is making my mouth water! It's been far too long since I last sampled their chewy, fruity loveliness... ;)

As for my writing addiction, I'm not sure I actually have an official one - though I do tend to down loads of bottled water, and I'm more than a little bit partial to the odd glacier fruit!

Emma x

Sam said...

Opium and sex. Followed by Fruit Pastilles.

Mum'sTheWord said...

Bottled water?? Gum?? Sheesh - and they say this country has gone to the dogs? We're so virtuous!

Sam, where do you prop the laptop though? Or do you write post-coitally? :)

I have run out of pastilles.

Claire said...

You know that fruit pastilles now have 25% REAL juice, so technically, I imagine if you ate enough they would be one of your five a day.

sam said...

Not post, no. I write and ride in tandem. Think it's called The Rhythm Method.

(You're not going to let this one through, are you? Yanno, I never set out to lower the tone.)