Wednesday, 2 January 2008

A Taste For Fiction

1. The Chocolates

The Girl (3): Mum, I've had an accident.
Me: Oh no! Are you hurt? What happened?
The Girl: Um, I accidentally forgot that I'm not allowed to eat chocolate in the morning.
Me: What? You're not allowed to eat chocolate EVER unless I give it to you! Not just in the morning!
The Girl: Yes. I forgot that. 
Me: Right. And how did this accident actually happen?
The Girl: Well I was watching television, and then I climbed up and got the box of chocolates and took one out and ate it. Look. [Opens mouth to reveal remnants.]
Me: So this is the wrapper here, this purple one?
The Girl: Yes . . . And the other one. In the kitchen.
Me: I see. Well, I'm very cross. [Desperately trying to disguise smile.] But it's not really an accident is it?
The Girl: It is. I accidentally forgot. Everybody has accidents, Mum.
Me: Hm.

2. The Christmas Present

The Girl: Mum! Something's happened!
Me: [Rushing into sitting-room] What-what?
The Girl: This present has got a bit unwrapped.
Me: How did that happen?
The Girl: Um, well I was watching television, and then I heard a rustling sound like this - [demonstrates rustling] - and when I turned around the present was a bit unwrapped.
Me: Wow, that's pretty amazing. How do you think that happened?
The Girl: *shrugs* I think it was an accident, that's all. *flutters eyelashes over dinner-plate eyes as I run from the room to laugh it off in the kitchen*

Seems like she's working on some sort of crime fiction, where the villain is motivated by evil-doings she sees on the telly. I think she just needs to work on the 'show don't tell' aspect.

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Nik's Blog said...


Happy new year.

Nik xx

writer girl said...

This brings back memories. When mine was that age the Tweenies (usually Fizz or Bella) wrecked havoc in my flat. Happy New Year. Writer Girlx

Ross said...

It sounds like she has the makings of a great lawyer or politician...

The Mock Duckling said...

I particularly liked the present unwrapping itself when she wasn't looking. Funny, that still happens to me...