Friday, 18 January 2008

Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain

I was no longer scared of the box - I was the master of the box, and as such I opened it whenever I pleased and took papers out and wrote on them and put them back in and sighed Happy Writer sighs.

But there was still something missing. If someone had asked me what the book was about, I'd have umm'd and ahh'd a lot, and it would have come out all fuzzy and the someone who'd asked would have left the room, probably, and it would only have made sense to me. And that's not good enough. 

Then there was an almighty rain shower, and I had to go out in it to fetch The Girl from nursery so I quickly stuffed the box full again and plonked The Boy in the Phil n Teds and hurried out to brave the elements. And then it happened - striding into the driving rain, that moment every writer dreams of; the moment when it all comes together, every plot strand, every vague notion suddenly makes sense as a whole story. Eureka! as Archimedes exclaimed when he stepped into the bath and saw the water level rise - whatever, Archimedes, I've just discovered something much better than that! I love my book again!

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Sasch said...

Eureka indeed - Yay!

Nik's Blog said...

Cool! (I think I've yet to have one of those moments. And it's not even raining any more. Well, it is drizzling. Could it happen in drizzle? I'm going out in the drizzle...)

Nik's Blog said...

The drizzle didn't work. I'll try again later.


Emma K-F said...

Let's hear a big 'Woo Hoo!' for that golden, shining (if also somewhat soggy) Eureka moment - it's all downhill from here! :-)

(Bad luck on the lack of said moment, Nik. I don't think drizzle is sufficiently dramatic for your purposes. If you can't manage 'driving rain', I'm afraid you're going to have to wait for a violent hailstorm, a savage wind or a raging blizzard - nothing less will get it done... ;-) )

Emma x

The Mockling said...

Hey that's great news. All power to the typing fingers!

Ross said...

Congratulations! Although apocryphally , Archimedes was so excited he ran naked down the street, dripping wet shouting 'Eureka!'. Perhaps you should try that Nik?

Nik's Blog said...

Ha Ross. Watch out neighbours of Nik!