Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Lions and Tigers and Bears...oh, streuth!

About two minutes ago, The Australian turned around from the computer screen and said:

'Last chance.' And then he pressed the button to buy four tickets to Oz. And we're not talking holiday tickets.

We have been thinking about, chatting about, and arguing about this plan for years. He's always wanted to go 'yesterday'. I kept saying 'tomorrow'. Well, it's tomorrow. Or rather, on a Sunday at 10pm in late April, it will be.

To say I'm traumatised by the plan would be underselling it. And not one to suffer in silence I shall be blogging my fears about the move, my mother's last-ditch attempts to stop me, and my new life in Melbourne as a Whinging (mainly about the heat) Pom.


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sam said...

Give me a minute while I pinch myself - Wow! - OzLand here you come!

Are you taking Saph with you? As a souvenir or something?

Ross said...

I'd be anxious if I was moving to Melbourne too. But that's cos I live in Sydney.
(Just helping you to practise your Sydney/Melbourne rivalry thing we have going here.)

Lucy Diamond said...

WOW!!! How exciting. Melbourne is great, you'll have a brilliant time there. I will definitely be tuning in to get the full story... Good luck!

Claire said...

How exciting (and scary as feck, I imagine).
Oz won't know what hit it!

Sasch said...

Oh God. It's official. I feel sick.

Forget your mother - its your friends hatching plans you should be worried about.

Mum'sTheWord said...

Thanks, everyone. Strangely, it STILL doesn't feel real. I thought the tickets would do it...

(Sasch, I eagerly await your dastardly plans.)